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This is the website of Ian Clothier, welcome and please do look around to see what you might find. For as much as art is result of knowledge, it is also the consequence of intuition. Between these two contrasting aspects of human psychology, lies meaning. Meaning is elusive, shifting and changeable but also enticing.

Light seen and unseen video/audio work at ISEA2019

ePlant Electronika hortensium in Pukekura Park

Bird song light walk at the Festival of Lights

Arboretum Rhizomatic Polynesia
at Balance-Unbalance 2017, exhibited at The Eden Project

Higgs boson confirmation world premier at Sound + environment University of Hull

Three Light plants selected for Home Work, curated by Darcy Nicholas, Chanelle Carrick and Aimee Burbery

Kanohi kitea can have two meanings - a face that sees with eyes or a face that is seen often in the words of Charissa Warea

Kauri flow measured live nutrient flow in a deceased kauri and young saplings, creating an ode to the diseased tree

What happens when rotational symmetry is applied to a photo of a tree, in a Fibonacci series?

Wavelengths at 685, 533 and 473 nanometers measures light at the red and blue ends of the spectrum, used by plants in photosynthesis

The Park Speaks used live data from Pukekura Park - a collaboration with Julian Priest, Andrew Hornblow and Adrian Soundy

In Parallel universes light could be experienced through the use of LEDs, mirrors or transparent fluoro pink perspex

The River Speaks utilised live data from the Waiwhakaiho River, opening a dialogue with indigenous peoples regarding water and the environment

Haiku robots generated words live letter by letter, with software authoring by Julian Priest and electronics by Andrew Hornblow

Kaon_sun_rumble uses a kaon decay data image and a soundtrack that converted images to audio

Curved picture space sought to combine the curvature of space-time with chaotic flow

Curatorial project - Wai opened with Tomo whakari a dawn ceremony - under the guidance of Dr Te Huirangi Waikerepuru, a Navajo component was incorporated

Leistavia is a hybrid cultural internet micronation that became a framework for engaging with political, economic, social, historic and personal identity issues

Pattern and branching are explored in the Human-Nature series of images taken on Norfolk Island

An image from the multitudinous Hybrid cultures, nonlinearity and creative practice, my Masters study

20,000 feet provides a unique context for cloud and atmosphere study