a nonlinear collaboration for solar circuit : : after maria island


The collaborators on this project are:
Ian M Clothier, New Zealand
Jenny Jones, United Kingdom

Leroy Black, Australia
Amanda A. Hendricks, United States of America

Most of the video and images are of Hobart and Maria Island in Tasmania, Australia; some were accessed from the web. The collaboration is part of Solar Circuit New Media Workshop and Residency, 2002. The project was initially scoped with a cosmology component however this has been replaced by a heritage aspect. We would like to thank Solar Circuit, Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand), the flora and fauna of Maria Island, Bill from the Art School at the University of Tasmania, Lyllie for the camera, and Peter, Len and Mark from the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

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plants : : geology : : heritage : : fish animals : : nonlinear discussion