a wandering rock

The Wandering rocks chapter began at 5 to 3 in the afternoon - the opening character of the chapter, a reverend, checks his watch. Curator Susan Sakash called for artists to hybridise content of their location and/or culture. This led to the lei clock image above, which was one of the 16 images displayed on the wall as part of my installation.

The full title of the work is A wandering rock {congealed} + {distributed}: agenbite of inwit and it is based on the Wandering Rocks chapter of James Joyce's Ulysses. The 'congealed' part consists of 16 images derived from the chapter (most content is hybridised to my hybrid cultural context); one of the images is a light box where the lights change behaviour dependent on the proximity of the audience (the characters in the chapter were mostly walking); an interactive control box and three sensors; and a curtain. The 'distributed' part of the title refers to 800 stickers which were distributed throughout Dublin during the exhibition. The stickers were based on the 16 images from the 'congealed' part. The idea was that the congealed part was fixed, but the distribute depart moving.

This work was selected for exhibition during the ReJoyce 2004 Festival in Dublin, as part of the Wandering Rocks Revolving Doors international collaboration curated by Susan Sakash. It was exhibited in the 13th century St Mary's Abbey in Dublin, a site mentioned in Ulysses.

There are five parts to this web presentation - this page, an image of the Julia set fractal used in the work; a close up of the project control box; a documentation shot of the sixteen images presented on the wall; and the overall project animation.

I would like to thank the following people and organisations for their assistance on this project - without their support, the work could not have been achieved: Sue Duncan; the Department of Art and Media, Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki, New Zealand; Greg Fried; Greg French; the Mirror of Race project www.mirrorofrace.org/ ; Vanessa Bolton; Mari Clothier; Lindsay Codd; Office of Public Works, Dublin, Ireland, Susan Sakash; Vospers Funeral Services, Taranaki. Thanks. Next