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the park speaks


Above is an image of Pukekura Park taken from The Park Speaks video that is 2048px wide. The video is a four minute loop of a 360 degree pan of the park from Poets Bridge. The loop is projected in the gallery alongside a second lopo, of photographs of trees subjected to increasing symmetries.

park sensors

The above set of photos shows the actual sensors in their installed location in the park. To the left is the temperature sesnsor, on the back of a park sign. In the middle is one end of the people counter, which uses a beam which is broken when people walk by. The sensor on the right measures UV.

Park nodes

The nodes (or sensors) in the park are shown above. We also collect battery voltage levels and signal strength data. The data can be graphed from the above page.

Park Config side

Above is a screen grab of part of the the project back end, which as you can see is excellently simple. The sensor data from the park is uploaded automatically to the server and another page uses Javascript to do Ajax call backs to the server. This access and structure was built by Adrian Soundy.


The Park Speaks involves interconnecting the natural world of a botanic garden with the human world of language. In my broader worldview I see humans, plants, animals, mathematics, the earth, and the universe as one interconnected whole. For some time now I have been interested in enabling interconnections between diversities.