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wavelengths at 685, 533 and 473 nanometers



Wavelengths at 685, 533 and 473 nanometers is an art work that consists of a local native plant situated on a red fluorescent shelf from which roots extend underneath. LEDs pulse out live readings of light at the red and blue ends of the visible spectrum - the wavelengths used by plants in photo-synthesis. On the wall above, a hybrid Polynesian form in fluorescent Perspex contains the QR code connecting the art work to this project web page.

The image at left from the University of Illinois at Chicago shows photosynthesis at the electron level.


This detail shows the circuit board - a breadboard which allows for multiple uses. Andrew Hornblow created the custom electronics. We like using re-cycled and re-purposed materials.


Here the blue LED is flashing out values of blue light.





Plants have been depicted in art for several millenia.

The bird in the powlonia 1962 colour etching by George Braque.


Akousmaflore by Scenocosme, 2011.


Four petal 'frangipani'.


Imagery at least 3000 years old

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