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what chaos is this order. 2000. acrylic on masonite. 600mm x 600mm

auckland 9/2/99. 1999. acrylic on masonite 300mm x 300mm
Inside the Koch snowflakes are images of diatoms - the smallest entities in the food chain of sea life.

painting 04.1999. acrylic on masonite. 300mm x 300mm
This work again uses diatoms inside Koch snowflakes, which decrease in scale.

moss lava. 1999. acrylic on masonite. 300mm x 300mm
In this work the boundary of the large Koch snowflake can be easily seen. There are three aspected star like forms on each side. Compare this to the snowflake closer to the centre. It is smaller, and simpler with just one cone shape on each side. However all the information needed to make the more complex form, is contained in the maths for the simple, smaller snowflake: fractal scaling at its essence.


Curved picture space is founded on the notion that space-time is curved. This is a consequence of Einstein's Theory of Relativity. So if space-time is curved, where are the visual spaces that reference this?