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Thank you for thinking about giving to the project. Currently the best way to contribute or collaborate is to email me at

IMPORTANT NOTE: to safe guard everyone concerned with this project, please read the following. It is important I make the following statements.

The intention is to quote email correspondence on the project web pages. In emailing me you accept that any material may be used for the project. Sending an email is no guarantee any part might be used, but an agreement to allow any part to be used.

Any image sent must be copyright free, and able to be used in exhibition, on web pages, in publicity, and for associated projects such as presentations about the DISTRICT OF LEISTAVIA. The project web pages will carry a list of contributors and collaborators, however it is not possible to give credit for use of an image every time it is used i.e. in animations, image collection, publicity, associated projects. As with text, sending an image is no guarantee it will be used, but is an agreement to allow the whole or any part to be used.

The project is fundamentally respectful of diversity.

Special thanks are due to: the Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki, New Zealand; the Pitcairn Island Study Centre at Pacific Union College, USA; Kylli Mariste (Estonia); Joe Flynn (Norfolk Island), Chris Stephens (New Zealand/Norfolk Island), Brendon Mills (New Zealand),;

Thanks to the following people and organisations who have contributed images:
1. Pitcairn Island image - Offices of the Legislative Assembly, Norfolk Island.
2. Cascade jetty, St. Barnabas Chapel and Bloody Bridge - Dr Jane Resture. postcards
3. Trees, Kingston Store (Museum) - Interactive Presentations Pty Ltd trading as Global Web Builders.
4. Mike Christian, view of Adamstown.
5. Norfolk Island flag -
6. Monastery in Tallinn -
7. Images of Pitcairn Island - Pitcairn Island Study Centre, Pacific Union College, USA.
8. Images of Old Tallinn, Tartu and Estonia countryside courtesy of the European Commission and EPA PHOTO / NIPA / TIMUR NISAMETDINOV.
9. Images of Estonian border with Latvia - Jan S Krogh

10. View of Tallinn under blue sky - Jason Conga jasonconga/GJNov232003.html
11. Images of Norfolk Island - Chris and John Stephens and family.

The project team would also like to thank: Eirene Voon, Dee Miner, Mistacoughdrop, Takako Sato, Shigeru Sato, John Hurrell, Noel Bridgeman, Mari C, Tulle Ruth, Mirian Culpitt, em igor, Vicky Ling, Anotherdeadangel, Studio XLY, Keith Armstrong, Therese Frances O'Connell, Grahame G, Ville Tikka, Shaun Pinchbeck, Pulssar, Paul & Nina, Kevan Nitzberg, Rosemary and Rudee, Jeff, Johannes Bergmark, Rhona, Donna Willard-Moore and Glen Willard, Aaron Fore, and Christine Webster.