a nonlinear artwork for wild 2002 : : plants and shells


Breadfruit populates the Polynesian psyche as food, material for houses, surfboards, poi, as a sensual expression of nature, a glue to trap birds so their prized feathers could be picked and the birds freed, and was mythologised in spiritual consciousness.

"Its beauty stands out in any garden, grove, or yard. Easily 40-60 feet tall, with branches spanning a similar-size diagonally, the sensual, dark-green lobed leaves of the breadfruit tree form a graceful tapestry from which sexy, lime-green globes, weighing up to 10 pounds each, dangle gracefully in the Hawaiian trades.." writes Sophia Schweitzer of the breadfruit tree (ulu in Hawaiian).

She also writes of the uses of breadfruit: "The trunk was used to make surf boards, drums, canoe parts, poi boards and wood for house and furniture construction. The inner bark lent itself as a second-grade tapa cloth. Leaf sheaths, like the finest of abrasives, polished utensils, bowls, or kukui nuts used for leis. The young buds were a medicine for mouth and throat. The white sticky sap became glue, caulking, chewing gum, or medicine. As bird lime it caught the colorful birds with their coveted feathers. And of course breadfruit filled the stomach..." The distinguished visual features of the tree, fruit and leaves have also been used as visual elements in tapa and quilts.

On Hawaii the tree is aligned with the war-god Kuka'ilimoku. During a time of famine, he buried himself in the ground to emerge again as a healthy breadfruit tree. "Eat some, feed our kids," he told his mortal wife and subsequently saved his family from starvation. There is a saying in Hawaii: "Look for the oozing breadfruit": Do what Ku's wife did. Marry someone who always makes sure you have food (Sweitzer).

Source: http://www.coffeetimes.com/ulu.htm


The breadfruit plant.


While I’m selling out my entire stock of shells of all families, I am interested in enriching my collection of cowries with other specimens of exceptional quality.

I am not only interested in great rarities, one-of-a-kind pieces, "WRSs" (for which I am in any case always willing to pay top prices), but also in semi-rare or common cowries, if they come from unusual localities.

I am inviting all fishermen, divers, and dealers to make me solid, detailed offers, to which I will devote my utmost attention.

My payment is, as usual: - in cash - within 24 hours - directly into your bank account - anywhere and for any amount.

Send your offers by fax or email
directly to the following addresses:
E-mail: Luigi@Raybaudi.com
Fax number: + 39 06 5430104

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We can provide a variety of "props" and leis for your guests or for ambiance. Double carnation leis (6 to 7 dozen carnations), single carnation leis, traditional Tahitian shell leis, moon shell leis, combination double shell leis with a fresh vanda orchid and bow attached are all available. Prices vary with quantity.

Source: http://www.classique-productions.com/pages/PAGE2F.HTM


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