fish and animals

roll over me sun, roll over me rain

in first light the canoe people came
followed by ships for killing
after the slaughter, convicts arrived
clusters of rectangles on rolling hills

and then they went

the tide soon brought them back
and then came the dreamer
now left only are ruins, to
tell stories of lives loved and lost

there is a whale grave in the ruined penitentiary
the blood of animals under the mess hall
pustulent stains and geese
propagate preservation and decay
a place possum comes back to in the night
while dawn brings pademelon

roll over me sun
roll over me rain


Cape Barren goose photos on this site are courtesy of Robert Sussman. Source. There is a Cape Barren goose feather on the nonlinear discussion page. Note the patch of black on the feather; a similar marking is found on a variety of clover widespread in New Zealand Aotearoa.


The skulls above are of a wombat (left) and a Tasmanian devil, right. Source: Between the skulls is a photo of fossils embedded in rocks on Maria.


And if you still want more, here's a couple of kangaroos well, mucking around (Windows media file only).


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